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TCF Presentation

What Is the TCF and Who Is It for?

The TCF (Test de Connaissance du Français) is a language certification issued by the French Ministry of Education and operated by France Education International. It is intended for people aged 16 or older, whose mother tongue is not French and who wish to have their level of French assessed.

The Different Versions of the TCF

  • TCF Tout Public (TP) : The TCF is designed for anyone, of any nationality, who needs to have their French language skills assessed and validated for personal or professional reasons. As part of the application for prior admission (DAP) for entry into the first year of a university degree or for admission to a school of architecture, the candidate must take a TCF Tout Public with a compulsory written expression test.
  • TCF Intégration, Résidence et Nationalité (IRN) : Replaces TCF ANF and TCF CRF. This test is intended for all foreigners over 16 years of age wishing to acquire French nationality by naturalization, reinstatement or by declaration of nationality because of their marriage to a French spouse. The test is also intended for any foreign person wishing to obtain a long-term resident card in France.
  • TCF Québec (QC) : This test is for anyone 16 years of age or older, regardless of nationality or mother tongue, who needs to certify their level of French as part of a permanent immigration procedure to Quebec.
  • TCF Canada (CA) : It is required for any person 16 years of age or older, regardless of nationality or mother tongue, who needs to certify his or her level of French in order to immigrate to Canada or to obtain Canadian citizenship.

PrepMyFuture covers all versions of the TCF. When starting the training, you will be able to choose the program of activities corresponding to the TCF you are taking.

How To Register?

TCF sessions are organized throughout the year by approved centers authorized to organize sessions, according to their availability.

The TCF approved center you choose to take your test in will inform you about :

  • the dates of the sessions;
  • the registration procedure;
  • the place where the tests will be taken;
  • the test medium (paper or computer);
  • the fee.

Grading / Scoring

The TCF is composed of three multiple-choice tests (one correct answer per question) and two expression tests. The TCF is an exam scored on a total of 669 points. The score obtained is then associated with the levels of the CEFR scale of the European Framework:

Level TCF Score CECRL Level
1 100 to 199 A1
2 200 to 299 A2
3 300 to 399 B1
4 400 to 499 B2
5 500 to 599 C1
6 600 to 699 C2

The Tests

Listening Comprehension

This part Tests the ability to understand spoken French:

  • colloquial words and expressions;
  • messages and announcements that are clear and simple;
  • information on people, facts or events presented in the media;
  • presentations dealing with concrete or abstract topics;
  • speech delivered at a fluent rate.

TCF TP, DAP and Quebec: 29 questions
TCF IRN: 20 questions
TCF Canada: 39 questions

4 answer choices per question, only 1 correct answer

TCF TP, DAP and Quebec: 25 minutes
TCF IRN: 15 minutes
TCF Canada: 35 minutes

Mastery of Language Structures
This test only concerns the TCF TP (and therefore the DAP).

This part tests the ability to master the structures of the language, from the most basic to the most complex by knowing :

  • identify lexical or register errors;
  • choose the equivalent of an expression or a grammatical term;
  • select the correct formulations according to a communication situation.

18 questions

4 answer choices per question, only 1 correct answer

15 minutes
Reading Comprehension

This part tests the ability to understand written French:

  • Familiar names, very simple words and phrases used in communicative situations;
  • information contained in common documents;
  • information about persons, facts or events;
  • abstract or complex texts from books, specialized articles.

TCF TP, DAP and Quebec: 29 questions
TCF IRN: 20 questions
TCF Canada: 39 questions

4 answer choices per question, only 1 correct answer

TCF TP, DAP and Quebec: 45 minutes
TCF IRN: 20 minutes
TCF Canada: 60 minutes

Written Expression

This part tests the ability to express oneself in written French.

Task 1: Writing a message to describe, tell and/or explain, addressed to one or more recipients (between 60 and 120 words).

Task 2: Writing an article, letter, or note to several recipients to report on an experience or story (between 120 and 150 words)

Task 3: Writing of a text (for a newspaper, a website, a colleague, a superior ...) which compares two points of view on a social fact, expressed in two documents. The candidate gives his/her opinion on the theme treated in the two documents (between 120 and 180 words).

60 minutes
Oral Expression

This part consists in an individual face-to-face test with an examiner to evaluate the ability to express oneself in French.

Task 1 (2 minutes): Directed interview without preparation: the candidate must demonstrate the ability to interact with an unfamiliar person.

Task 2 (5 minutes 30 including 2 minutes of préparation): The candidate must demonstrate the ability to obtain information in an everyday situation.

Task 3 (4 minutes 30): Expression of a point of view without preparation: the candidate demonstrates the ability to speak spontaneously, continuously and convincingly in response to a question chosen by the examiner.

12 minutes (10 minutes for TCF IRN)

Our online preparation covers all the tests, including course sheets, official mock exams, and practice exercises.

The tests are adapted according to the test chosen. The format of the test always remains the same, but the length of each test may vary (more or less questions depending on the test). The specificities of each test are specified in the table below:

PrepMyFuture's TCF online preparation covers all the TCF versions.

Our Online TCF Preparation

Advantages of our service:

  • Reliable: The content of the course is designed by TCF experts. Our other preparations are also designed by specialists of French certifications (see our preparations for TEF, DFP and DELF).
  • Accessible: The complete preparation is available worldwide for 39 €, the price of a good book.
  • Flexible: Access to the platform is valid for 12 months.
  • All-in-one: The platform contains everything you need: methodology, tips, mock exams, adaptive training and a multitude of resources to progress in French.
  • Efficient: Adaptive learning technology allows you to review more efficiently.
  • Always up to date: The editorial team updates the preparation every year thanks to its exchanges with the teams of France Éducation Internationale (administrator of the TCF), but also thanks to the feedback of users and partner schools of the project.

Main Features

Simulation of exam conditions

  • Faithful replica of the TCF for each of its versions (TP, IRN, Quebec and Canada)
  • Soundtracks recorded in studio

Detailed answers

  • Each question is accompanied by an explanation
  • Links to the sheets associated with each exercise

Course sheets

  • Course sheets on each type of question
  • Methodology tips
  • Vocabulary sheets « special TCF »

Performance analysis

  • Self corrected exercises
  • Progress tracking
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses


  • Adaptive training for each concept
  • Exercises for all levels
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Mini TCF diagnosis 1
TCF mock exams 3 complete practice tests for the TP version
(the most complete version)

A test is available for each TCF version (Canada, IRN, and Quebec) to simulate exam conditions.
Course sheets 19 for TCF methodology
5 for conjugation
5 for grammar
8 for vocabulary
TCF-type training exercises 23
Conjugation practice questions 446
Grammar practice questions 270
Vocabulary practice questions 226
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More efficient through adaptive learning

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The platform tracks your performance every time you complete an exercise. You can identify your strengths and weaknesses in real time. For each concept, you can practice with questions adapted to your level. This way, the exercises are neither too difficult nor too easy for maximum learning efficiency.

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