Presentation of the teachers' tools

Your virtual assistant
who gives you super powers

Automatic grading
of homework and tests
Detailed analytics
of your students' performance
Identification of the right content
for your students

You give the homework on the platform

Your students do
the activities online

You receive the results
online or in an excel file

Access the teaching dashboard

1) Your free teacher access

Your school has a partnership with PrepMyFuture ?
You should have received an automatic email with your login details.

Your schools is not using PrepMyFuture yet ?
Contact us to get a free account

Contact us to get your free teacher account

2) E-learning access + teacher dashboard

Your PrepMyFuture account allows you to access the e-learning and teaching tools.
Once logged-in, you can access directly the teacher dashboard through or from the page "manage my account".

Features presentation

1) Your groups
2) Dashboard

All key information in one place !

Student pages

3) Group analytics

Results by test (all the exercises from the "tests" tab)

Details by exercises

Identification of the questions failed by most students

Strengths and weaknesses of the group

"Knowledge map" of the group


Key data

All the activities performed by each students

Download the timesheet

It's easy (and free) to start


Choose a module from our list of courses


Ask us for a teacher account, this account is free, forever.


Order some licences for your students, we have a special discount for schools