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LanguageCert USAL esPro

LanguageCert USAL esPro is a suite of tests used to certify the candidate’s Spanish language level on the CEFR scale (A1 to C2). LanguageCert USAL esPro focuses on Spanish for specific purposes (educational and professional).

The content of the test has been developed by Cursos Internacionales de la Universidad de Salamanca, the language department of the prestigious University of Salamanca point of reference for teaching Spanish as foreign language. It is administered by LanguageCert, an Awarding Organisation member of PeopleCert Group, that spearheads innovations in language assessment and certification, providing high-quality services to the global learners’ community.

LanguageCert USAL esPro is a suite of three tests, which can be taken independently and separately and lead to corresponding certificates assessing levels from A1 to C2:

esPRO exists in two different formats :

  • LanguageCert USAL esPro Listening & Reading (available in Paper-based and Computer-based Adaptive format): contains multiple choices, cloze and gapped sentences and assesses candidate’s listening and reading skills. The test duration depending on the format is: 60 minutes for the Computer-based and 110 minutes for the Paper-based format. Both versions are equivalent to one another. Therefore, no matter which format the candidate chooses, results will be the same, leading to a certificate depending on the candidate’s performance. Adaptive test means that, based on the answer given from the candidate, the test gradually becomes more difficult or easier, adapting to the knowledge level of the candidate.
  • LanguageCert USAL esPro Writing (available only in Paper-based format): assesses candidate’s writing skills and is divided in two parts where the candidate has to write a short message (50-60 words) and a report or a letter using an appropriate style and language based on instructions given (180-200 words). The duration is 45 minutes.
  • • LanguageCert USAL esPro Speaking (available only in Paper-based format): assesses the candidate’s spoken abilities and is divided into three sections: interview, presentation of a work-related topic, information exchange and discussion.

LanguageCert USAL esPro is available in two formats:

The LanguageCert USAL esPro has multiple sections that you can take independly from each other :

  • Computer-based adaptive format available only for the Listening & Reading test, evaluates the candidate’s Spanish proficiency in only 60 minutes with the same level of precision as with the paper test. It is an innovative, flexible and agile way to take a language exam. The score is automatically calculated at the end of the test and reflects the candidate’s performance.
  • Paper-based format is available for Listening & Reading (longer than the Computer-based version), Writing and Speaking tests.

The task types are the same in both formats of the test (Paper and Computer-based) and our online preparation platform is suitable for both formats.

Our online preparation platform covers the 3 tests of LanguageCert USAL esPro with lessons, exercises and dedicated materials.

Who is LanguageCert USAL esPro intended for:

Non-native speakers of Spanish who need:

  • Proof of their Spanish language skills for their everyday or working life
  • To measure progress after a language course
  • Selection tool for schools that want to recruit students based on their Spanish proficiency level
  • Graduation requirement for schools with high international standards
To find out more about LanguageCert USAL esPro, visit the

The platform

Preparation in exam conditions

  • Exam simulations for both formats
    (paper based and computer based)
  • Audio tracks and scripts
  • User friendly interface

Lessons and training exercises

  • Lessons for each type of questions
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Adaptive training for each lesson

Performance analysis

  • Auto-corrected exercises
  • Detailed explanations
  • Strenght and weaknesses analysis

Adaptive Learning

learn faster


  • Personalized exercises for your proficiency level
  • Targeted exercises focusing on your weaknesses
  • Results

  • A faster and motivating learning experience
  • Handy teacher dashboard

    The course covers the two formats of the test

    Paper-Based (listening and reading)
    Adaptive Computer-Based (listening and reading)

    Included modules

    1 mini test to discover the test and the platform
    1 mock exam on the paper based format (official content)
    1 mock exam on the computer based format (official content)
    Lessons and training exercises for each type of question
    Grammar and vocabulary lessons and exercises
    activities to improve your skills
    more than 1000
    exercises included in the esPRO course
    130 266 985
    completed exercises on PrepMyFuture
    Detailed explanations
    for all training exercises
    Multilingual content
    lessons and explanations in French, English and Spanish

    Our partners


    LanguageCert is an Awarding Organisation dedicated to language skills assessment and certification. It is a member of PeopleCert, a global leader in the certification industry, that has been delivering millions of exams in 200 countries.

    LanguageCert develops its own language qualifications and partners with renowned organisations worldwide to offer high-quality language skills assessment and certification to the global learners’ community. For the delivery of its own qualifications, as well as for examinations delivered in collaboration with its partners, LanguageCert deploys state-of-the-art, innovative and flexible exam administration technologies and systems developed by PeopleCert, which are tailor-made to each exam’s specific requirements.

    LanguageCert manages the esPRO test centers. If you want to take the test, you can find a test center close to your location at LanguageCert esPRO website

    Book your onine exam on the official website

    University of Salamanca

    Universidad de Salamanca, an academic point of reference for teaching Spanish language worldwide, will soon celebrate its eighth centenary. It was the first Spanish university to offer Spanish language and culture courses, when starting its Spanish as a Foreign Language programme in 1929. Academic and teaching work continues uninterrupted since then.

    Universidad de Salamanca, through its Cursos Internacionales de la Universidad de Salamanca (CIUSAL), currently engages in all fields related to Spanish as a Foreign Language: teaching students and teachers, producing materials for learning and teaching, and assessing language skills, nationally and internationally, while partnering with organisations to promote the Spanish language, and engaging in award-winning work on Hispanic culture and values dissemination.

    The content of the LanguageCert USAL esPro are created by CIUSAL. you will find more information about CIUSAL and its Spanish courses in Salamanca at CIUSAL website.

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