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PrepMyDELF B1, the online preparation
for the DELF B1 exam.

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Our DELF B1 Online Preparation


  • 1 DELF B1 diagnostic
  • 3 Complete mock exams
  • 60 Lesson sheets
  • + 1500 Exercises included

Covers all sections of the test

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Writing

Our Partnership With Alliance Française de Paris

The DELF B1 online preparation was designed in partnership with the Alliance Française de Paris. This partnership is a combination of the talent of the Alliance Française de Paris teaching teams with PrepMyFuture's expertise in publishing online preparations for language tests.

The Alliance Française de Paris is the largest institution for teaching French as a foreign language and cultural mediation in France. For nearly 140 years, its mission has been to teach the French language, to spread French-speaking cultures throughout the world, and to train teachers of French as a foreign language. It is also the official examination center for the international DELF/DALF international examinations issued by the French Ministry of Education. The Alliance Française also created the first subjects of the DELF/ DALF exams, thanks to its important pedagogical expertise.

Each year, the Alliance Française de Paris has more than 10 000 learners coming from more than 120 countries,
2 300 FLE interns
and more than 1 000 candidates taking the DELF/DALF exams. Half of these candidates attend preparation sessions before taking the exam.

Alliance Francaise
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The building of Alliance Française de Paris
PrepMyFuture Team

PrepMyDELF B1 Online Preparation

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  • Unlimited access for 12 months
  • 7-day refund policy

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Why prepare the DELF B1 with PrepMyFuture?

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Reach your goal by completing the activities
in the study plan units.

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Understand all the concepts thanks to
detailed and easily accessible lessons.

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Practice and improve at your own pace with exercises which adapt to your level.

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Practice in real exam conditions
with our complete mock exams.

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Clear and detailed corrections for each question,
to better understand your mistakes.

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Individual statistics to quickly identify
your strengths and weaknesses.

Key Information About DELF B1

The 4 sections:
  • Listening:
    25 minutes.
    3 exercises: Listen audios and answer questions.

  • Reading:
    45 minutes.
    2 exercises: read documents and answer questions.

  • Speaking:
    15 minutes + 10 minutes preparation.
    3 parts: one monologue, one exercise interacting with the examiner, one exercise to express your opinion on a given topic.

  • Writing:
    45 minutes.
    1 exercise: write a text of 160 words minimum.

Specific DELF B1 Information:

Candidates take the following 3 sections at the same time, in a common room:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

The speaking section takes place individually, with two examiners.

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  • 1 Each section is scored out of 25 points.
  • 2 In order to pass the exam, I must get a minimum total score of 50/100.
  • 3 I must get a score of at least 5/25 in each of the sections of the exam.
  • 4 Having a score below 5/25 in one of the sections is eliminatory.

The Best DELF B1 Tips on Our YouTube Channel

The Best DELF B1 Tips on Our YouTube Channel

PrepMyDELF B1 Online Preparation

  • Single payment
  • Unlimited access for 12 months
  • 7-day refund policy