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What Is the IELTS General Training and Who Is It for?

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an English language test designed to assess the level of English of its candidates. Unlike the IELTS academic test, which is aimed at students, the IELTS General test is primarily aimed at candidates with a professional project (training or employment) in an English-speaking country. It is also required by many English-speaking countries for certain immigration procedures, such as obtaining a visa. As one of the three most widely taken English language tests in the world, along with TOEFL and TOEIC, IELTS is a recognised world reference in the professional world and in higher education institutions. The test is designed and run by the British Council, the University of Cambridge and IDP Education Australia.

How To Register?

With prices ranging from €175 to €260, registration for the IELTS test is done online through the British Council website. In France, there are nine approved test centers: Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Nice, Paris, Strasbourg and Toulouse

Centers offering the paper test:

  • Aix-en-Provence
  • Bordeaux
  • Lyon
  • Nantes
  • Nice
  • Paris
  • Strasbourg
  • Toulouse

Centers offering the computer-based test:

  • Paris
  • Marseille

Grading / Scoring

Each IELTS test (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing) is scored from 0 to 9. The average of these 4 tests then gives an overall score which can vary from 0 to 9. The overall score corresponds to a specific level of English:

  • 0: candidates not present at the tests
  • 1: «non user»
  • 2: «intermittent user»
  • 3: «extremely limited user»
  • 4: «limited user»
  • 5: «modest user»
  • 6: «competent user»
  • 7: «good user»
  • 8: «very good user»
  • 9: «expert user»
  • The Tests

    Listening Comprehension

    It involves listening to recordings and then answering questions about the recordings. The questions can be in different formats: either MCQs or other formats such as fill-in-the-blank texts.

    40 questions

    40 minutes

    Written Comprehension

    This test requires reading several texts and then answering questions related to the texts. Again, the questions can be in different formats: "True, False, Not Given", or the association of titles with certain pargraphs of the text. Depending on the version of the test, there may be between three and five texts to read, and between 8 and 14 questions.

    40 questions

    60 minutes
    Written Expression

    This test is divided into two parts. The first part requires writing a letter. The second part consists of a short essay based on a question.

    60 minutes

    Oral Expression

    The oral test takes place with an examiner, and is very often held the day before the written tests.

    Part 1 (max 5 minutes): This part is about presenting yourself to the examiner by answering questions on different subjects: family, projects, hobbies, etc.

    Part 2 (max 4 minutes): The candidate is given a topic on paper. The candidate then prepares for one minute and then speaks to the examiner for two minutes. The examiner can then ask questions.

    Part 3 (max 5 minutes): The candidate and the examiner discuss a given topic, usually the same as in Part 2.

    11 to 14 minutes

    Our IELTS General Training
    Online Preparation

    Advantages of our service:

    • Reliable: The content of the course is designed by IELTS experts.
    • Accessible: The complete preparation is available worldwide for 49 €, the price of a good book.
    • Flexible: Access to the platform is valid for 12 months.
    • All-in-one: The platform contains everything you need: methodology, tips, mock exams, adaptive training and a multitude of resources to progress in French.
    • Efficient: Adaptive learning technology allows you to review more efficiently.
    • Always up to date: The editorial team and several pedagogical experts update the preparation every year thanks to the feedback of users and partner schools of the project.

    Main Features

    Simulation of exam conditions

    • Soundtracks recorded in studio

    Detailed answers

    • Each question is accompanied by an explanation
    • Links to the sheets associated with each exercise

    Course sheets

    • Course sheets on each type of question
    • Methodology tips
    • Vocabulary sheets « special IELTS General »

    Performance analysis

    • Self corrected exercises
    • Progress tracking
    • Identification of strengths and weaknesses


    • Adaptive training for each concept
    • Exercises for all levels
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    Mini IELTS General diagnosis 1
    IELTS General mock exams 4 complete practice tests
    Course sheets 23 for IELTS General methodology
    27 for the common mistakes
    13 for the grammar
    15 for the vocabulary
    IELTS General training exercises 25
    Common mistakes practice questions 283
    Grammar practice questions 751
    Vocabulary practice questions 600
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    More efficient throughadaptive learning

    How It Works:

    The platform tracks your performance every time you complete an exercise. You can identify your strengths and weaknesses in real time. For each concept, you can practice with questions adapted to your level. This way, the exercises are neither too difficult nor too easy for maximum learning efficiency.

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