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Presentation of the TEF

The TEF is an official international exam used to measure your level of fluency in French. It was created by the Chamber of Commerce of Paris.

The TEF is composed of 5 tests. Each of these tests can be taken independantly, you choose the ones that you want to take. Depending on your goals (ie.: Study in France or live in Québec), some tests will be mandatory while others will remain optional (more details below.) Here is a description of the 5 TEF tests:

  • Listening comprehension : This test consists of 60 MCQ questions. For each individual question (or set), you will hear a recording. This test runs for 40 minutes during which you will have to keep up with the rhythm of the recording (no pausing).
  • Reading comprehension :
    This test consists of 50 MCQ questions. For each question (or set), you will have to read a document and answer accordingly. You have a total of 60 minutes to complete, you are managing the time you spend on each question.
  • Oral expression :
    You will be passing this test facing an examiner from the TEF who will evaluate your ability to express yourself in French. The interview lasts 15 minutes, it is based on two exercises that set the scenario.
  • Written expression :
    The test consists of two exercises and lasts 60 minutes. You must write two long texts on paper. You manage your time the way you want to.
  • Glossary and structure :
    The test consists of 40 MCQ questions that will test your spelling, grammar and vocabulary abilities in French. This test lasts 30 minutes and allows you to manage your own time.

Our online prep covers the 5 tests with course sheets, official trial exams and training.

The TEF is mostly useful for:

  • Studying in France (TEF French studies)
  • Obtaining the French nationality (TEF naturalization)
  • Immigrating to Canada and obtaining Canadian citizenship (TEF Canada)
  • Immigrating to Québec (TEFAQ )
  • Attesting your French skills for academics and employment

The evaluation requirements of the different versions of the TEF are listed below:

Requirements Listening comprehension Reading comprehension Oral expression Written expression Glossary and structure
Studying in France
TEF études en France
Immigrating to France
TEF naturalisation
Immigrating to Canada
TEF Canada
immigrating to Québec
NB : All TEF evaluation variants are included in our online preparation.

Our platform

Preparation in actual exam conditions

  • Replicates the TEF exam conditions
  • Audio recordings and scripts
  • A modern, easy to use inteface

Course sheets and training

  • Course sheets covering each concept
  • Solving tips and techniques
  • Adaptative trainings for every course sheet

Full performance analysis

  • Auto-corrected exercises
  • Detailed explanations
  • Highlights your strength and weaknesses

Adaptive Learning

Learn faster


  • Exercises adapted to fit your level
  • Targets your weaknesses with the right exercise
  • Results

  • A faster, motivating learning experience
  • Handy teacher dashboard

    This training covers all 5 TEF exams

    Compréhension écrite
    Expression écrite
    Lexique et structure
    Compréhension orale
    Expression orale

    Included modules

    1 TEF diagnostic
    2 Official mock-up exams
    Method sheets for every type of question
    Grammar and vocabulary recaps
    TEF activities and exercises to improve your score
    More than 1300
    exercises included in our TEF training
    63 043 654
    completed exercises on prepmyfuture
    Detailed explanations
    for all exercises
    Bilingual content
    Explanations in both French and English

    Our scholar committee


    A veteran FLE teacher, Jean Lamoureux is also the creator or many pedagogic tools and trains teachers. He also taught abroad for more than 10 years and was the pedagogic director of the International Swiss School of Paris. Jean is the author of the "200% DELF B2" manual (Ellipses Publishing).

    Manuela GUILLEM

    An experienced French teacher, Manuela Guillem is now responsible for the pedagogy at the ALIP school in Paris. Role that she previously had in another prestigious Parisian school. She is an expert in certifications and diplomas in French as an examiner but also as a creator of mock-up exams.

    Our partnership with the test creators

    PrepMyFuture and the Chamber of Commerce of Paris Ile de france (creator of the TEF) have worked together to co-develop this training. Our offer is the only one providing you with official and updated mock exams.

    The training includes 2 official mock tests along with a wide range of content developped by our pedagogic teams.

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