Explanations on the conditions to take the TEF

The TEF (Test d’évaluation de Français) is a test that aims to assess the candidate's skills in French: this test may be necessary for people wishing to immigrate to France or Canada, for example.


You must be at least 16 years old to take this test. First of all, you need to find out about the certified centers near you to take the test. You will register directly with them.

If you take the TEF Canada, you must be aware that some information will be collected in accordance with Canadian immigration application laws: if the test result is conclusive, it will be transmitted to the Canadian authorities. Refusing this transmission will result in your immigration application being refused by the authorities.

Conditions To Take the Test

You must arrive 30 minutes before the beginning of the test. You must also have a valid ID card, the completed registration form, as well as your invitation, which will have been given to you following your registration. You'll need to sign a sign-in sheet and double-check the spelling of your name: if there's a mistake, correct it. Once the subjects have been distributed, the start is given by the supervisor. No outings are allowed during the MCQ exams or during the written expression (1 hour).

The Sections of the Test

When you register for the test, you choose which version of the TEF to take, and so you are aware of which sections will be in your version of the test.

The sections are as follows:

First three sections in MCQ format
  • Listening: 60 minutes, 40 questions, 699 points.
  • Reading: 60 minutes, 40 questions, 699 points.
  • Vocabulary and syntax: 30 minutes, 40 questions, 699 points.

For each question, there are between 2 and 5 possible answers, only 1 is correct. 1 point per correct answer, 0 per wrong answer or if you have chosen several answers. The test is either done on computer or on paper, depending on the center you chose to take the tetst in.

Speaking and Writing Sections
  • Speaking: 15 minutes, 2 sections, 699 points.
  • Writing: 60 minutes, 2 subjects, 699 points.

You are assessed on your ability to communicate (clarity, organization of words) and on your grammar and vocabulary. The speaking part is done in front of a jury approved by the examination center.

End of the Sections of the Tests

At the end of each section of the test, check that you have signed your MCQ answer sheets and that you have completed the cover page of your written expression copy (name and identification number ) before handing them in.

Your results will not be communicated to you immediately: there is a delay of 4-6 weeks. You can get a duplicate, but then there will be an additional fee for this specific document.

The certificate you will receive will specify for each section:

  • the number of points obtained
  • the level you reached (from 0+ to 7, which is equivalent to CEFR levels A1 to C2)
  • a comment on your general level in French

Retake the tests

Results are valid for two years, as it is estimated that your level will have evolved after this period. You can also decide to take the test again if you are not satisfied with your results. A period of two months is however necessary between two successive attempts.

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