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Introduction to
Linguaskill General

The Linguaskill General is one of the two Linguaskill tests offered by Cambridge English. It covers the topics of everyday life, including both personal and professional experiences. This test assesses your understanding of English and your level (from A1 to C2+). The certificate is valid for 2 years.

The Linguaskill General is composed of 3 modules, which are separate tests:

  • written and oral comprehension
  • written expression
  • oral expression

ATTENTION: The preparation we offer only covers the written and oral comprehension modules.

Module 1 – Written and Oral Comprehension
Length between 60 and 85 minutes
Total number of questions varies - adaptive test
Questions format

Format of Oral Comprehension questions

  • MCQ based on audio recordings

Format of Written Comprehension questions

  • MCQ based on text documents
  • Gapped sentences
  • Multiple-choice gap-fill
  • Open gap-fill
Module 2 - Written Expression (not covered within the preparation)
Length 45 minutes
Total number of questions 2 exercises
Production format
  • Writing an e-mail (about 50 words)
  • Writing a text (about 180 words)
Grading Each part corresponds to 50% of the grade
Module 3 – Oral Expression (not covered within the preparation)
Length 15 minutes
Evaluated competencies
  • Introducing yourself
  • Reading
  • Expressing one's opinion on a given topic
  • Describing one or more graphs
  • Providing your opinion
Grading Each part corresponds to 20% of the grade

online preparation

Our Linguaskill online preparation is available in two formats:

Linguaskill GENERAL
This version tests your understanding of the English language in everyday situations.
=> This page and preparation is about this version of Linguaskill.

Linguaskill BUSINESS
This version tests your understanding of the English language in professional situations.
=> This version of the test is covered by our dedicated Linguaskill Business preparation

Our preparation is:

  • Reliable: PrepMyLinguaskill is designed by Linguaskill specialists. Our contents are designed by test experts. PrepMyFuture used to cover BULATS (the former Linguaskill) since 2017.
  • Accessible: PrepMyLinguaskill is a complete preparation accessible anywhere in the world for €39, which equals the price of a (good) book.
  • Flexible: Access to the platform is valid for 12 months.
  • All-in-one: The platform contains everything you need, regardless of your background: methodology, training, mock exams and lesson sheets (strategies, examples, grammar, vocabulary).
  • Efficient: Adaptive learning technology allows you to train more effectively.
  • Always up-to-date: Our editorial team updates our preparations every year thanks to our exchanges with the Cambridge English team and also thanks to feedback from partner language schools who use our platform on a daily basis.

Main features

Simulation of exam conditions

  • Exact replication of the Linguaskill General
  • Timer and studio recorded audios
  • Adaptive mock exams equivalent to the day of the exam

Detailed corrections

  • Each question is accompanied by corrections
  • Links to the files associated with each exercise

Lesson sheets

  • Lesson sheets for each type of question
  • Explanation of methodologies
  • Specific Linguaskill General Vocabulary Lists

Performance analysis

  • Automated exercise correction
  • Progress monitoring
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses


  • Adaptive trainings for each concept
  • Exercises covering all levels
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Preparation Content

Linguaskill General diagnosis 1
Linguaskill General mock exams 2 static tests
2 adaptive tests
Lesson sheets 9 for Linguaskill methods
18 for grammar
22 for vocabulary
Linguaskill training questions 610
Grammar questions 850
Vocabulary questions 795
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More efficient thanks to adaptive learning

How it works:

The platform tracks your performance every time you complete an exercise. Thus, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses in real time. For each concept, you can practice with questions adapted to your level. This way, exercises are neither too difficult nor too easy and ensures maximum learning efficiency.

Our references:

PrepMyFuture has been developing educational materials since 2011. Our users have completed more than 73 million exercises on our e-learnings. Leading schools (McGill, HEC, ESSEC, EDHEC, EM LYON, etc.) in more than 50 countries use our technology to customize their courses.

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