Why Take the DELE?

The DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) is valid for life and can be useful in different contexts:

  • Professional: the DELE is recognized by a great number of public and private institutions.
  • Academic:
    • Admissions:
    The DELE B2 is often required by Spanish-speaking universities for foreign student applications. This test may also be required to get into a language school or business school.

    • University Credits:
    Many schools and universities have their students take the DELE as a final exam at the end the academic year.

  • Personal:
    • Spanish nationality:
    It is essential to attest to at least an A2 level in order to be eligible for Spanish nationality.

    • Financing your training within the framework of the CPF:
    the DELE is part of the certifications of command of the Spanish language recognized by the COPANEF.

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