The Different Sections of the DELE B2

The DELE B2 is divided in 4 different parts, organized as follows:

Writing (Group 1):

  • 1/ Reading comprehension test: 70 minutes – 5 exercises with respectively 6, 10, 6 and 14 questions each (36 questions in total)
  • 2/ Written expression and interaction test: 80 minutes - 2 exercises
    • Ex 1: Listen to an audio and then write a formal or informal text in which ideas and arguments are presented in a clear/structured and detailed manner, respecting the conventions and characteristics of the genre.
      Ex 2: Write a formal text in the form of an article (stating your opinion) for a newspaper, blog or magazine in which ideas are presented clearly and in a structured manner. Beware: You must follow the instructions given in the test (text format, number of words).

    Speaking (Group 2):

  • 3/ Listening comprehension test: 40 minutes - 5 exercises with 6 questions each
  • 4/ Oral expression and interaction test: 20 minutes + 20 minutes of preparation – 3 exercises
    • Ex 1: Assess different propositions and talk about them
      Ex 2: Describe and talk about a fictitious situation, based on a picture
      Ex 3: Comment on survey data

    Each section of the test is graded out of 25 points.

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