The Different Sections of the DELE B1

The DELE B1 is divided in 4 different parts, organized as follows:

Writing (Group 1)

  • 1/ Reading comprehension test: 70 minutes – 5 exercises with 6 questions each
  • 2/ Written expression and interaction test: 60 minutes - 2 exercises
    • Ex 1: Write a simple and coherent piece of information after reading a short text.
      Ex 2: Write a descriptive or narrative essay in which the candidate must appeal to their own opinions, interests, personal experiences, etc. Beware: You must follow the instructions given in the test (text format, number of words).

    Speaking (Group 2)

  • 3/ Listening comprehension test: 40 minutes - 5 exercises with 6 questions each
  • 4/ Oral expression and interaction test: 15 minutes + 15 minutes of preparation - 4 exercises
    • Ex 1: Briefly introduce oneself
      Ex 2: Take part in a conversation
      Ex 3: Describe a photograph and taking part in a conversation
      Ex 4: Dialogue in a fictitious situation

    Each section of the test is graded out of 25 points.

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