What level do I need to get when taking the TEF IRN?

Depending on your goal, the minimum score you need to obtain when you take the TEF IRN varies.

To date, the maximum score that can be reached when taking the TEF IRN is 349, which corresponds to a B1 level.

To view the TEF score chart, take a look at this page!

Parcours citoyen OFII / Contrat d'intégration républicaine

For the parcours citoyen OFII / Contrat d'intégration républicaine (CIR), level A1 is required.
TEF Score = 100-199

Resident Card

If your goal is to get a resident card, you will need to reach an A2 level.
TEF Score = 200-299

French Citizenship

If you are applying for French citizenship, a B1 level is required.
TEF Score = 300-349

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